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Hearing Aid



We provide both visiting and supported living services for adults with Physical Disabilities (PD) including those suffering from Acquired Brain Injury, physical and or cognitive impairment following a Stroke as well as those suffering from progressive conditions such as Motor NeuroneDisease, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, etc.
We know just how important it is for anyone caring for you to have a full understanding of you and your unique situation, this is why, we will develop a detailed person-centred care plan for you which will identify all of your requirements, enabling us to implement a highly effective care service. Importantly, all our support workers who work with clients with physical disabilities are all trained to understand the conditions and appreciate the full range of symptoms that each individual condition presents.
We will regularly review your care plan with you to ensure that we continuously adapt our care service to meet your changing needs and preferences.
Our service is outcome based, supporting you to live as independently as possible and empowering you to have choice and control over your care. We adopt a partnership approach, working closely with you and your family and other healthcare professionals involved in your care to ensure that a consistent approach is employed.
Our high-quality care service can be a cost-effective alternative to nursing or residential home admission. Once we have carried out an assessment of your care requirements, we will provide you with a no obligation estimated cost for your proposed care package.

Young Man in Therapy


At Care For You Ltd, we know that living with a mental health issue can be debilitating and have a significant impact on your daily life. One in four people in the UK have problems with their mental health in their lifetime; if a mental illness is left untreated it can become a catalyst for a variety of medical complications and can lead to extended periods of hospitalisation. However, suffering from a mental illness doesn’t have to stop you, or a loved one, from continuing to live the lifestyle you want. With the right support, those suffering with their mental health can live fulfilling independent lives.
We provide person centred care and support with a focus on outcomes to achieve ‘self-defined recovery’ that considers how you want to live within the context of your mental health condition. We also team up with case workers, social workers, family members, friends, and others working with you to support you to reach your goals.
We track progress of goals and match staff to individuals’ preferences and locality. We help to promote better health with nutrition and lifestyles choice suggestions; promoting an active life for people with mental health issues.
We appreciate everyone’s experience of mental illness is different, and we cater to each individual’s specific requirements. Our person centred approach allows our care staff to deliver the right support needed by their client, enabling them to continue living within their own home, and confidently engaging in the activities they enjoy improving quality of life and alleviate their symptoms.
If you are looking for a support accommodation or visiting carer to support you in your recovery, kindly give us a call today or email us for a consultation.

In Good Hands


We provide expert tailored care and support for people with a range of mild, moderate or severe learning disabilities including Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Learning disabilities will vary in severity; some people will have a learning disability and be capable of having a job and living independently; other people may have a severe intellectual impairment and require round the clock support; some may have additional physical disabilities or mental health conditions.The support we provide is tailored to each individual’s needs, wishes and goals and we work with each person and or, their family to create a bespoke support plan. We support people to live a fulfilling and rewarding life, supporting them in their daily activities and tasks and maintaining their independence.

Care For You Ltd’s care staff are highly trained, dedicated professionals, committed to supporting your wellbeing. They have extensive practical experience supporting people with different aspects of learning disabilities. If you or your loved one experience learning disabilities, we are here to assist you with your day to day living.

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